2017 Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide from JoyFoodSunshine! The best gifts for the cook, baker or foodie in your life!

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of all the things I LOVE in my kitchen {and what I’d recommend as gifts for the chef in your life}! We’ll start with bigger items and then move on to less expensive gifts {think stocking stuffers and hostess gifts}! So here we go!

8-Cup Glass Batter Bowl. I use this batter bowl 2,743 times a day…no joke. I love that it’s microwave and dishwasher safe so it’s great for one-bowl recipes where melting ingredients is required. I mix up so many recipes in this I often wish I had a second one! I also LOVE that it has a lid because it’s great for overnight recipes! I often mix up pancake or waffle batter at night and store it in this batter bowl to cook in the morning!

Vitamix!!!! If you don’t have a Vitamix yet what in the world are you waiting for?! For real if I haven’t convinced you how much you need one at this point then I have failed you! If you have any questions about which blender is best for you please shoot me an e-mail! I have blended with my fair share of their models and and would love to help you!

French PressTo me, there is no other way to make a fabulous cup of coffee than with a French Press. I have had this for years and will never make coffee any other way!

Electric kettle. A new electric kettle is on my list this year! I have one that I’ve used multiple times a day for 4 years and it’s on its way out. I use it to boil water to make coffee every morning {in the above French Press}. I also use it if I need to boil water on the stove in a hurry {like when I make a box of mac and cheese for my kids or cook pasta}! It cuts the boiling time in half!

Ice Cream Maker. This is one of those items that I couldn’t live without and yet probably wouldn’t have bought for myself {before blogging}. Absolutely nothing beats homemade ice cream. It’s fresh and fully customizable {i.e. you can put as many peanut butter or cookie dough chunks in it as you wish}! This is an especially awesome gift if you are shopping for someone with food allergies who can’t eat dairy! You will save so much money in the long run making your own dairy-free ice cream at home!

Food processor. I have used my food processor for so many things over the years I can’t even tell you how useful it is in the kitchen. Need to shred 5 lbs of cheese? No problem! Dice a boatload of veggies? Easy peasy. It’s the only way I will make pie crusts because it’s so so easy!

Marble Rolling Pin. I have had this marble rolling pin for 10 years and use it all the time to make homemade pizzas, pie crusts, cinnamon rolls, etc. etc.!

Kitchen Aid Mixer.  A new mixer is actually on my list this year as well! I want to upgrade to a more heavy-duty model from the one that I already have. I couldn’t imagine baking cookies, whipping cream, etc. without one of these beauties!

Hand Soap & Lotion Set. This is a great gift for your friend who loves to entertain! Especially if {like me} she has a large kitchen island that is a central part of the first floor living and gathering space. This set looks cute, smells great AND is a functional countertop item!

Wooden Serving Board. A must-have for the entertainer. Cheese plates and fruit platters really shine when served on a beautiful wooden board!

Walnut Cutting Board. Nothing makes me go weak in the knees quite like walnut. It’s the prettiest wood {in my opinion} and extremely durable. This gift doubles as a functional cutting board or beautiful service piece!

Canister Sets. Having baking staples easily accessible in cute canisters on the counter is so helpful when it comes to the day-to-day in the kitchen! It’s also a purchase that many of us wouldn’t make ourselves because we think “do I really need it?” I can tell you that being able to just grab a scoop of oatmeal without rummaging through my pantry is totally awesome. 

Le Creuset 5″ Baking Pan. This is an absolute must-have for me. I love mine so much because I use it to make small-batch desserts {like these Fudgy Paleo Brownies}. It’s also cuter than a loaf pan so it’s fun to take pictures of {if you care about that sort of thing…}!

2017 Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide from JoyFoodSunshine! The best gifts for the cook, baker or foodie in your life!

Stocking Stuffers/Hostess Gifts 

We LOVE doing fun stockings for each other at Christmas time! If you’re buying for a foodie, you can’t go wrong with high-quality grocery items or fun little kitchen gadgets!  They also make great, inexpensive gifts for the people in your life who might not rate getting a Vitamix as a present… 😉 Here are a few of the items I get excited about!

CHOCOLATEGoes without saying right?!

Silicone Jar Spatulas. Ritch buys me a couple of these as stocking stuffers every year! I love them!

Wooden Spoons. Again I’m all about the walnut! These spoons are gorgeous and so versatile!

Spatula. Every kitchen needs a great spatula! I have this one and use it for everything!

Magnetic Measuring Spoons! These seem gimmicky but they are SO not. Ritch put a set of these in my stocking many years ago and I love them! If you’re shopping for someone who has a messy kitchen utensil drawer {my hand is way in the air}, these are a life saver! They stick together so you can always find them when you need them!

Measuring Cups! These measuring cups are heavy duty and great to work with. I need a new set every few years because they find their way into the garbage disposal and get all chewed up {just being honest, lol}!

Coffee! A nice bag of high-quality coffee beans is a great smelling & even better tasting gift! This variety from Limitless Coffee is one of the best I’ve tried lately!

Small Pan ScraperMy husband bought me some of these a while back and they are the BEST for cleaning counters, especially after making homemade dough!

Vanilla Bean Grass-Fed Ghee. I consider this a luxury grocery item, but if someone you love enjoys bulletproof coffee but can’t eat dairy, this is worth its weight in gold. It makes the best cup of coffee ever in the history of the world. So smooth and creamy with a touch of vanilla flavor! The perfect treat!

High-Quality Balsamic Vinegar & Olive OilTo some, this is a luxury item. But to me, high quality oils and vinegars are necessities in the kitchen. There is absolutely ZERO comparison when it comes to thick, sweet high-quality balsamic vinegars. However, I never would’ve splurged on a bottle of the stuff if my husband hadn’t first given me some for Christmas. {Can you tell he’s a really great gift-giver}?! My first bottle of delicious balsamic vinegar totally changed my life forever.

Peanut Butter. Are you surprised I’d get excited about a jar of peanut butter in my stocking? I didn’t think so….

Oven Mitts! Totally on my list this year. My favorite one has a hole in the area between the thumb and the hand…so I keep burning that sensitive part of my hand! Yes I could just go buy I new one, but I keep forgetting! And now my kids are talking about getting one for me for Christmas, so I’ll just be super careful and use my #2 favorite until then!

Kitchen Towels. I would like to replace our towels ever year. With four kids and someone like me who cooks all the time they get pretty gross no matter how often I wash them. However it’s hard to spend money on something like towels! So pick out some cute dish towels and give them to a friend!

Mugs! Rose Line Pottery has stolen my heart. Any gifts from them are perfect, but mugs are great for everyone! They even have a mug of the month club….which would make an amazing gift that would keep on giving all year long {hint hint}! 😉

Vanilla Bean PasteThis is one of my favorite luxury baking items. Vanilla beans add such a rich, deep vanilla flavor to ice cream and baked goods. The paste is super handy because there’s no seed scraping involved to use it like there is with whole beans!


Well that’s it! I’d LOVE To hear what YOUR favorite kitchen item is! What’s not on this list that needs to be?!

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2017 Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide from JoyFoodSunshine! The best gifts for the cook, baker or foodie in your life!