Here are a few things I cannot live without in my kitchen! I use all of these on a daily/weekly basis! Clicking on the text or the picture will take you to Amazon where you can purchase these items! Please note that links are affiliate links! 🙂

Couldn’t live without my Vitamix! I use it at least 3x/day! You can use it to make this, these, or these! Oh! And these!

I use my Cuisinart Food Processor for so many things! I use it to shred cheese, chop veggies, and to make things like these and these!

Another big ticket item that I use on a regular basis is my Kitchen Aid mixer! I use it to make cookies, knead bread, and everything and anything in between!

I use my batter bowl so much I won’t even try to estimate how many times it gets used daily! I have the pampered chef version but this one is great too! I love that it’s microwave-safe!

Pyrex 2-Cup glass measuring cup is perfect for just about everything!

I use this Thermopen by Thermoworks every time I cook meat or make candy. It reads temperatures instantly and accurately!







A few 8 x 4″ baking pans! I bake bread and small batch desserts in this size pan often!  I like this size more than a 9×5″ for many recipes!

A few good, full-sized spatulas! I have this one and I love it!