About Laura

Hello! I’m Laura! I am a former chemistry teacher turned wife & homeschooling mom of six kids! I use my knowledge and love for science to create delicious recipes.

Here on JoyFoodSunshine you will find our family’s favorite recipes, most of which are quick, easy and tasty! I believe the memories made cooking and enjoying delicious food are ones that last a lifetime.  

My desire to create recipes began with baking. I’d search for recipes an none of them were exactly what I was looking for, so I started creating my own. Cookies, pies, cakes, and more – I learned how to bake the best desserts. I believe life is short and there’s always room for dessert! Here are some of my favorite dessert recipes:

I have always been a foodie & loved to cook, but as our family grew I no longer had time to spend hours in the kitchen making involved dishes. So, I started creating easy recipes that taste gourmet – nourishing and delicious dishes that are simple but impressive. Here are some of my favorite dinner recipes:

I hope to help and serve you by creating delicious, tried and tested recipes that take minimal effort and turn out perfectly every time!

About JoyFoodSunshine

Here are a few of my favorite things in no particular order…

My husband. We got married in August 2007 and have been on an adventure together ever since. He’s the best man I know and I feel so blessed to have him as my partner and best friend in life.

about joyfoodsunshine

My kids! My kids are my sunshine.

I am mediator when they fight and counselor when they are sad.

I’m snuggler, cook, storyteller, teacher, and the queen of their make-believe kingdom. I’m replaceable everywhere else, but my kids will only ever have one mommy…and I am thankful it is me.

My Faith. Grace really is amazing. 

about joyfoodsunshine

I started this blog because sometimes we lose ourselves. Sometimes every day becomes the same as the one before. Sometimes in the midst of it all we lose our Joy. We don’t care about Food. And we are desperate for a little Sunshine. 

I hope you find all of your new favorite recipes here and makes lots of memories in the kitchen with family and friends.

Laura’s All-Time Favorite Recipes

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stack of chocolate chip cookies

If you make and love our recipes, it would mean so much to me if you would leave a comment and rating! And don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube – be sure to tag @joyfoodsunshine and use the hashtag #joyfoodsunshine so we can see your creations!

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