Hello! I’m Laura, the lady behind the blog JoyFoodSunshine! I lived in the Chicago suburbs my entire life until my husband and I moved our family to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2013! We love living here!Throughout the years my cooking style has ebbed and flowed, but I have always tried to take care of my family by providing nourishing and delicious meals. However, the more kids we add to our crazy life the less time I feel like spending in the kitchen {Nap or cook…the struggle is real…ZzzZZz}. So I focus on easy, delicious nutritious recipes that everyone loves.

I am a wife & homeschooling mom of four kids ages 6 and under which means life for me is always a party! In my little corner of the internet you will find {mostly} healthy recipes that are fast, easy & family-friendly. My goal is to help others see that healthy-living & eating while raising kids is attainable and fun!  I live for peanut butter, am a green smoothie addict, & think 5 AM is the best time of the day!

Along with yummy recipes, you will get a glimpse into my life. I am incapable of being fake…it’s impossible…my face betrays me…every.single.time. I am honest to a fault, have next to no filter, and often get the, “did she seriously just ask that? Out loud? In public? To someone she doesn’t know?” look. Life is too short to go around pretending, so there will be none of that here. Ok? Good.

So here are a few of my favorite things in no particular order…

My husband. I mean, look at him. Aww. We got married in August 2007 and have been on an adventure together ever since. He’s the most talented man I’ve ever met. He can do everything, and I mean it. I am 98.77% sure he can actually fly…

My kids! Again, look at them. How could I not? Bethany, age 6, loves reading, riding her bike, and eating anything that’s main ingredient is sugar. Gabe, age 4, is all about knives, guns, and mac ‘n cheese. Naomi, age 2, loves her babies, her mommy, and dancing around in pretty dresses. And our newest addition Mara Hope, was born in April 2017 and she loves all of her siblings & her daddy, but loves mommy the most!  😉

My kids are my sunshine. I am mediator when they fight and counselor when they are sad. I’m disciplinarian, cook, storyteller, teacher, and the queen of their make-believe kingdom. I’m replaceable everywhere else, but my kids will only ever have one mommy…and I am thankful it is me.

My Faith. Grace really is amazing. The Gospel

Peanut Butter. No need to elaborate. It ranks up there with my kids and husband. Enough said.

Vitamix. I joke that if my house was burning down and everyone I love was safe I would run back in and save my vitamix! It’s just a joke. But seriously.

Since starting this blog I have fostered a wonderful relationship with the Vitamix team and am now am part of their affiliate blogger program! If you click on any of the links {including the picture below} to the Vitamix website from my site you will receive free shipping on your order!

Moving. Not houses. Just being active. Swimming and running are my two favorite ways to get my blood flowing. As a family we’re always outside and love hiking in the nearby mountains.

I started this blog because sometimes we lose ourselves. Sometimes every day becomes the same as the one before. Sometimes in the midst of it all we lose our Joy. We don’t care about Food. And we are desperate for a little Sunshine. I hope you enjoy your visit as I share a little of who I am with a little of whoever you are.

Some of my favorite recipes: 

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Dairy-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Black Bean Brownies

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough and Sauce

See my list of baking staples HERE

And my kitchen must-haves HERE

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