Pregnancy 16 Weeks!

Disclaimer: All women are different. All pregnancies are different. If I mention a personal preference about how I choose to handle pregnancy, please know that I am not saying it’s my way or the highway. Of course I feel passionately about my choices {because hello, if you spent 0.2 seconds with me you would know I am passionate about many things, especially having and raising babies}, but the goal of pregnancy and birth is a healthy baby and healthy momma…nothing more nothing less. The way we get there is diverse and beautiful and there is no room for judging each other…Capeesh?

I’ve reached the 16-week mark in this pregnancy and I can honestly say I’ve turned a bit of a corner {YAY}! So let’s dish…



I was still feeling pretty puketastic until a handful of days ago, but I found a few ways to cope that really helped! At my 16 week appointment I had gained just under a pound…which was progress from losing weight last time! YAY!

  • La Croix! Even though I brush my teeth every. single. time. I eat {that’s just me, not something unique about pregnant me LOL}, sometimes that doesn’t even help get rid of the taste of my last meal! However, drinking La Croix totally works! The slightly-flavored, not at all sweet, carbonated deliciousness seriously erases any and all food tastes…hallelujah!
  • Coffee + Vitamin B6. I am one of those crazy natural ladies…. which means that taking any sort of medication during pregnancy is something I avoid at all costs! The natural combination I have found that works wonders to ease nausea is drinking a cup of coffee in conjunction with taking a vitamin packed with B6! I do this right after I eat breakfast and it helps me feel so much better throughout the day!
  • Salty snacks! This pregnancy I can’t even look at sugar {and if I crave it I take one bite and regret it}! So I have found that eating salty foods pretty often helps me feel better!

Pregnancy 16 Weeks!


Not the chillin’ out maxin’ kind….You know when you’re pregnant your hormones go completely wonky! Well one hormone your body releases is called relaxin, which helps your ligaments stretch as the baby grows. This time around I have been pulling muscles left and right…and I’m not even working out to the same extent I had been in my previous pregnancies! Seriously, the other day I looked down at my computer and totally tweaked my neck! I couldn’t turn my head to the right for a week!! Because I looked down!!!!! Thankfully my husband is awesome and will massage my neck whenever it hurts! Aww! Love him to pieces…

Pregnancy 16 Weeks!


Ok my whole body is crazy itchy! My OB says it’s totally normal but my skin has become so sensitive I can’t even use my regular face products! And I live in UT, the driest place ever…so discontinuing my use of moisturizer for 6 months in the winter is not really an option! Anyone have any lotions/cleansers you LOVE that are great for sensitive skin?


Anything sweet! Seriously who am I? The only time I eat dessert is when we are with friends and I want to be polite! I always have to finish with a potato chip or something though {LOL}!


Here’s my list of foods I can’t stop eating!

  • White cheddar popcorn
  • La Croix
  • Hummus and pita chips
  • Unsweetened dried mango from Trader Joe’s {why do you have to be so far away from my house}!

I’m super grateful I am back to eating salads and healthier fare again…although we did go to the zoo and get a soft pretzel with cheese sauce that totally rocked my world. YUM!

I also have been crazy about a local restaurant, The Village Baker! I seriously could eat a sandwich here every. single. day.

Pregnancy 16 Weeks!


I finally stopped getting sick in the mornings for long enough that I felt comfortable going to the gym! It’s dark and cold at 5 AM….so going to the gym is a welcome change from walking outside or working out in my basement! I still am taking it super easy but I’m starting to feel a little more like myself again! YAY!

My other kids:

They couldn’t be any more excited for this sweet baby! Every day Gabe asks if the baby is going to come out yet. LOL no Gabe, I sure hope not! Bethany kisses my belly and they both provide a constant stream of name ideas. They’re pulling for a boy for whatever reason…but I keep reminding them that a girl is just as likely and would be just as wonderful! <3

Pregnancy 16 Weeks!


My kids are way into knowing how big our baby is! Right now he/she is about the size of an avocado! FUN! I felt my sweet baby kick for the firs time {more on that below}! However I’m not feeling consistent movement! For whatever reason I don’t feel my babies til much later than most women! When I was pregnant with Naomi my placenta was positioned towards the front of my uterus…so I didn’t confidently say I felt her move until 22 weeks (about the same time as Bethany)! I did feel Gabe around 19 weeks…which I believe was God’s total grace and mercy on my heart and soul after losing 3 babies before we got pregnant with him. I needed to feel him in there for my own peace of mind.


I graduated to maternity pants! With my first baby I didn’t wear maternity clothes until my third trimester! Then I kicked myself for waiting SO long because I L-O-V-E maternity jeans!!!! I know I know, most people don’t! But hello stretchy waist and soft material, you are my favorite! Plus I learned the hard way with Bethany….that if you wear clothes as your belly expands they get stretched out! I couldn’t wear many of my favorite clothing items after I had Bethany because they were too big on me! So…I’ll stick to the wonderful world of elastic waists while I can!

I love these maternity leggings! And these jeans!


I’m not really nesting yet…it’s a bit early for that! Except for the fact that my hubby needs to build a dresser for the kids’ room….so I’ve been not-so-subtly reminding him about that honey-do item! We have a young man coming to live with us in January until August and he will need the dresser that matches the bedroom set in his room, which the kids are currently using! SO, get crackin’ babe!

My thoughts:

Oh where to begin? I am honestly so in love with this baby already. At our last ultrasound we saw him/her sucking their thumb! Then the absolute coolest thing happened…I felt my baby for the first time! I am super skeptical when it comes to feeling baby movement…{because TBH in the beginning it’s hard to differentiate little flutters and gas…LOL}. Well I felt a little something and I wrote it off…until the doctor touched my stomach and said, look, the feet are right here…then he pushed on my belly and the baby kicked back! It was the coolest ever!

Getting really real…

And this brings me to my real thoughts right now {especially because of the political climate in our country}! However this issue is not political…it’s a matter of the heart. How anyone could actually believe that my baby is just a clump of cells whose personhood and value is up for debate just makes me utterly and completely sad. Does a clump of cells suck it’s thumb? Can a clump of cells respond to environmental stimuli (like his/her feet being pushed on)? Does a clump of cells have a brain? A beating heart with 4 chambers? Her own DNA? His own blood type? A gender? A spleen?


Seriously I am crying as I type this. A person literally has to do mental gymnastics to believe that a baby in the womb is anything but that…a human baby. I have seen all of my babies’ heartbeats when they were 6 weeks old. Let me say that again…a baby in utero has a brain and a heartbeat by week 6…that is only 2 weeks past your missed period.

Babies have their own DNA, blood type, and gender on the day they are conceived. Babies in utero have just as much a right to live as any other person on the planet does. The taking of truly innocent life should never, ever be OK.  A person’s value does not increase with their age. For example, I am not intrinsically more valuable than my 5-year-old daughter, or the unborn child in my womb, just because I have been alive longer. All life is equally beautiful…and all human beings deserve an equal chance to live.

Pregnancy and Baby Update 16 weeks!

So why do I bring this up? Because if there is one fight that I won’t stop fighting for my entire life it’s for the rights of unborn babies. The taking of innocent life  is never ok, especially not for convenience, economic status, or life situation. So please, I literally beg you, if you are in a situation where you are pregnant and you are feeling trapped, hopeless, or like killing your child is the only option…PLEASE e-mail me. I will get you help. There IS another option…choosing LIFE.

My kids aren’t excited because I have a “ball of cells” in my body. My husband and I don’t sit and dream about what we will name our “fetus.” I don’t still weep over my miscarriages because I “passed a clump of cells.” No. We’re excited and dreaming about our baby boy or girl. I grieve my miscarriages because my children died. This is a matter of the heart, and I beg to to look into yours and decide that all life matters…no matter how small.

Most notably and personally…my son Gabe was born at a time it would’ve been legal to abort him. You tell me this beautiful child is a clump of cells. I dare you.
Pregnancy and Baby Update 16 weeks!

I am still in love with my boy. My baby. My Son.

Pregnancy and Baby Update 16 weeks!

FYI: I will not allow pro-abortion comments or arguments in the comment section of this post. If you would like to discuss this further you are welcome to e-mail me privately.

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