Baby 28 Weeks

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Pregnancy 28 Weeks! Symptoms, thoughts and more from JoyFoodSunshine!

Woah! How am I already in my third trimester?! Seriously I have no idea but I’m not at all sad about it! Because of my history with miscarriage, while I can be at peace in the day to day of life, I truly am never fully at rest until my babies are in my arms and I can soak in all their sweet snuggles and see their beautiful faces. I’m convinced it was totally God’s grace that my son was born 3 weeks early, because I needed to hold him. <3 So, let’s dish about how things are going…warning: lots of words ahead.



This is probably my #1 symptom now that the second trimester has ended and I’m entering the third. I have a hard time motivating myself to take the kids out of the house pretty much ever. Trekking through the snow and cold with three little ones in tow while being super pregnant isn’t something I’m very enthusiastic about doing these days! LOL! SO…we try to have as much fun as possible at home and leave the outings for when daddy is around!

Aches and Pains

Yep, this happens more and earlier with each consecutive pregnancy. With baby #1 I felt great for 9 months. With #3 I was sure my uterus was going to fall out of my body at any moment towards the end. LOL! Baby #4 has left me feeling more achy but nothing I can’t handle. If I overdo it {I’m in love with shoveling the snow this year for some reason…it’s seriously therapeutic} I know it right away and have to take it easy for a while. My husband has told me countless times he is more than happy to shovel…and it’s time I listen to my body and him and hand it over! 😉 Honestly this has been the toughest symptom for me most recently, I feel like I’m always achy and try to avoid carrying Naomi or bending down as much as possible.


YAY! Finally I am feeling this baby move like crazy! It seems like it took forever but now she is kicking enough that my tummy dances and I love it!


My food aversions are pretty much nonexistent at this point. I still try to stay away from super strong flavors {buh bye garlic and onions} but it’s because I can’t stand the aftertaste! LOL! I ask my hubby to handle the raw meat whenever he is home, but really I’m grateful that I can pretty much eat anything at this point!


I’m totally digging these Harvest Snaps in the Caesar flavor lately, and have been choosing savory snacks over sweet. I’m also really into fruit…especially citrus and berries! I’m super grateful for Sprouts and their amazing produce deals! 😉


My routine is still pretty much the same as I mentioned here! I L-O-V-E the website Fitness Blender and regularly do their workout videos {with slight modifications for pregnancy…e.g. no laying on my belly to do supermen lol}! I especially appreciate that you can search their workouts by difficulty level, equipment, and the area of your body you want to work. My body pretty much rejected the treadmill this past week, so I’m definitely entering the “time to take it easier” phase of pregnancy!

I’ve also been super in love with walking in the snow! I know, call me crazy, but I have loved bundling up, throwing on my boots and enjoying the winter wonderland around our neighborhood! That hour of fresh air really does me good {especially because of the whole not wanting to leave the house the rest of the day thing lol}! Walking in the snow is also a great booty and calf workout…hello added bonus! 😉

My thoughts

Anyone want to name my baby for me?!

For real, THE thing that absolutely consumes my thoughts is “what in the world are we going to name this baby girl?!?!?!”  Our other three kids were named within minutes of finding out what gender they were! When we found out #1 was a girl I had two names I loved, Bethany and Naomi…so Ritch picked his favorite and we had a Bethany.

When we found out #2 was a boy we both had already decided when we were pregnant the first time that our first boy would be named Gabriel {it means mighty warrior of God, doesn’t get much better than that}! I love the name Gabe. So that was easy!

Then when we learned #3 was a girl I was ecstatic because Naomi is my all-time favorite girls’ name. Sooo…that was easy. NOW however, is a different story. All three of our kids have Hebrew names, and we really love the meanings behind them. However, it’s really important to me that my girls have super feminine names that can’t be shortened. {Everyone said that Bethany would be called Beth…so far they’re all wrong LOL}! I also really like that both of my girls have 3 syllable names that end in a the “eee” sound. SO, yeah I’m neurotic but the only other name in the bible that fits that criteria is Galilee, and I am not naming my daughter that. LOL!

We have a few options floating around but nothing both of us love. It seriously brings me to tears sometimes because I love all of our other kids’ names so much that I feel guilty that I haven’t named this sweet girl yet. I’m the kind of person who needs to have the name pretty much set before birth, because the last thing I want to do while I’m trying to love on my newborn is name her! SO, seriously, anyone want to name my baby? Please and thank you! 😉

My other kids

Really not much to report here! Every week they ask how big their little sister is! So we go to one of the many websites that compares fetal growth to food, and they totally love that! (FYI for all of you wondering…she is currently the size of an eggplant). 😉


This time around my “nesting” urge isn’t as strong. I think it’s because I just had a girl less than two years ago and during the same season. So I’m certain that I have everything I need and I know exactly where it is! The most “nesting” I’ve been doing is for my blog! I really want to have recipes shot and written so I’m good to go for a while after little miss no name is born.


Pregnancy 28 Weeks! Symptoms, thoughts and more from JoyFoodSunshine!

Ok I discovred Pink Blush Maternity and I am in LOVE. I seriously have absolutely adored everything I that I purchased from them! Their clothes are high quality and affordable! PLUS they show photos of what the item looks like on a pregnant AND not pregnant! Clothes I can wear if we have another baby or not are a total win for me! Also they have free shipping on all orders and always have some sort to coupon code floating around! Seriously AWESOME! Here are a few of my faves…

Cute and comfy: I pretty much wear one of these three tops every day:  Solid Tiered Dress , this Chiffon Laced Tunic or this Charcoal Floral Print top! I look like I got dressed but feel like I’m wearing pajamas. Love. It.

For dressier occasions I wear this solid black dress or this floral one. Again, super cute and comfy and they both work great with tights and booties or heels!


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  1. Your maternity style is so pretty, and I’m glad that kids are so easily entertained. They often don’t have to leave the house; they can just use their imaginations to make up stories or play out in the snow.

    I’m so thankful for God’s mercy and protection over you this pregnancy. <3