Moments 06.2020

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Moments 06.2020 JoyFoodSunshine – June was a fun month for our family. We enjoyed the outdoors, swimming at the pool and just being together!

I can’t remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass.”

Welcome to “Moments” here on JoyFoodSunshine. At the end of every month I share a recap of our family’s favorite moments!  So here it is for June 2020!

Life with my tribe

June was a pretty low-key month. It was colder than usual during this time of the year, so we got to enjoy the outdoors in ways that we usually can’t because it’s too hot. There were enough warm days for us to still enjoy the pool! We had a few doctors appointments and Ritch and I even got to go away for a night! 

Keilah – 16 Months

Keilah is becoming more and more fun day  by day! She finally caved and started saying “Mommy!” I’ve known she could say it all along, but for whatever reason she just refused. Now she will say it most of the time. The other day after I had been gone she even ran to me with her arms in the air and said, ” MOMMY!” I’ve only been waiting 16 months for that! LOL!

She is still pretty stubborn, and just wants to be one of the big kids. She loves going to the park and swimming in the pool. She started saying the word “read” and is always walking up to me with a book in each hand exclaiming “Read! Read!” it’s the best!


Summer Fun

We are loving summer. I continue a light amount of homeschool all summer long – usually just an hour or so in the morning. Then we take a break in August. I like the morning routine and I feel like it helps us win for the whole day. 

My kids have had a blast playing with friends, running free outside and playing from sunup to sundown. We have some good friends who live close to us, and they’ve loved playing down by the lake with them! 

Ritch caught a snake for the kids to hold one day down by the lake and they were in heaven. 

Our pool life is different this summer. I’m so grateful our neighborhood pools are open. They require a reservation and each family can only go once per day. I used to take the whole family once, and just the big kids during nap time because I love the pool so much. So I miss the carefree pool life, but I’m just glad we can enjoy it at all!

My kids are fish – just like their momma. Keilah started the season not into wearing floaties in the water. But she quickly realized how fun it was to be able to float instead of sink, and started bringing them to me to put them on her as soon as we set our stuff down at the pool. Pool days are my favorite days. 

Mara’s Heart Murmur

We first learned Mara had a heart murmur during her PICU stay when she was 1. Her doc listens to hear heart every time she has a well check and confirms it’s still there but he has never expressed concern. 

This month, Mara and Naomi had their well-checks and the doctor said that her heart murmur was significantly louder than it was last time he listened to it. He was reassuring, but thought maybe it could be an issue with a valve that might need to be fixed and encouraged me to make a cardiology appointment. 

I love and trust my pediatrician so much, so I made the appointment and got her in a couple weeks later. I was so nervous, the thought of Mara needing any sort of heart surgery made me so sad. At the cardiologist she was a champ. When they hooked her up to the EKG machine she was all smiles and said, “I look like an octopus!” Melt my heart. 

The cardiologist said she had a classic Still’s murmur that she should grow out of by age 6. This was such great news and a sigh of relief. I’m so grateful we got it checked out. 

During this same visit I addressed some concerns about Naomi, she had to have some bloodwork done and while it all came back normal, it was really important to me that we were able to check into some concerning symptoms she had been exhibiting for quite some time. 

That being said, here is my PSA: Do not put off routine medical care because of current world events. Kids need to get their well-checks as important preventative measures to keep them healthy. Adults need medical care too. Don’t let the fear of getting a virus keep you from potentially life-saving care. 

Father’s Day

We love any reason to celebrate Ritch. He is truly the best man I know and the most amazing daddy to our babies. We got him some presents, grilled some steaks and had edible cookie dough for dessert (made by Bethany). It was a great day! 

Since he’s a pastor all Sunday holidays are “interrupted” but church! But we made sure to snap a family pic at church on Father’s day to commemorate the holiday!

Deer Valley Getaway

My mom came to visit for a week for the first time since February (hallelujah). After so long without a break, I was so grateful that she came in to be reinforcement and to love on my kids. 

Since she was here for a whole week, Ritch and I took one night and snuck away to our favorite place in UT – Deer Valley. We relaxed by the pool (with an amazing view of the mountains), ate THREE meals out at restaurants (first time eating in somewhere since March), watched the sunset, etc. etc. 

Time away from the kids to just be together was SO SO needed, especially with all that is going on in the world. I’m grateful to have a rockstar mom who can watch all five of our kids solo without a hiccup so we could have a small but mighty break!

A few of my favorite things…

Here are a few products and other things I have loved in June!

Farmacy Products

I have been on the hunt for the best skincare for my face. I have sensitive, dry skin and I have found some products that work “good enough” but it wasn’t until my friend who works at Farmacy sent me a self-care package that I truly found the BEST natural skincare products I’ve ever used.

She sent me some amazing products, and I have since bought almost everything they sell! LOL – and I’m not joking. My skin has never looked or felt better and I’m so grateful to have found this brand and I plan on being a loyal customer! Here are some of my favorites: 

  • Green Clean facial Cleanser – so gentle and moisturizing. 
  • Very Cherry Bright Vitamin C Serum – I use this every morning after cleansing. 
  • Cheer Up Bright Eye Cream – I follow the serum with this!
  • Daily Greens Moisturizer – I use this every morning after the above two products and sometimes at night too. 
  • Honeymoon glow night serum – Maybe my favorite product! I use this at night before bed after cleansing!
  • Dew it all eye cream – I use this eye cream at night!

Nature Nate’s Honey

I use a lot of honey and Nature Nate’s is my favorite. It doesn’t get hard in the bottle and it’s organic and raw! I highly recommend it!

Recipes I’m Making on Repeat

Here are a few recipes we enjoyed in June!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars (doubled)

Homemade Mac and Cheese

Homemade Pizza dough and Pizza Sauce

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  1. Those chocolate chip cookie bars look so good! And I’m so grateful you all get to get back to the pool. It’s such a good thing for young kids to start learning to swim at an early age. 🙂 I love water so much!