Moments 02.2023

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This month we celebrated another birthday, played in the snow, and enjoyed the outdoors despite the cold!

“I can’t remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass.”

Welcome to “Moments” here on JoyFoodSunshine. At the end of every month I share a recap of our family’s favorite moments! So here it is for February 2023.

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K turns 4

We had another golden birthday this month – and so many people asked me, “what is a golden birthday?” It has me wondering if “golden birthdays” are a midwest thing?

Anyway, a golden birthday is when you turn the same age as the day of the month you are born. So, last month Bethany turned 12 on January 12th. This month, Keilah turned 4 on February 4th.

K milked her birthday for all it was worth. All day long she just kept asking for things and saying, “because it’s my birthday.” That sweet girl got basically whatever she wanted that day – no regrets. 😉

She chose scones for breakfast, her favorite restaurant for lunch, and mac and cheese for dinner. She wanted an “Isabella unicorn cake” so I did my best using this chocolate cake recipe and vanilla frosting.

She changed her outfit at least 4 times that day – which was so adorable. (It was extra special because usually I make the kids pick an outfit and stick with it all day to save myself from having to do an insane amount of laundry haha).

My in-laws knocked the gifts out of the park this year and gave her her favorite presents – a doctor’s kit and a fairy garden that she plays with every day. Look at that little squishy M.D. 😉

Baby Z

Well, I think it might be time to sunset my “baby Z” section because he really isn’t a baby anymore (::::: sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces ::::::). He is just the sweetest little guy ever. Some of my new favorite things he says are “No,” “No way” (the cutest), “Momma, Watch” (whenever he is doing something cute) and still calling dessert “go-go.”

He loves the snow and asks to go “Out” all day long. This month he learned how much he loves wrestling/fighting with his big brother. It is the cutest thing to watch them.

Things I’m loving

Here are some things I’ve been loving lately…

  • Lululemon RIBBED ALIGNS. I ordered a pair and immediately ordered two more (two in black and one in army green). They are so, so good. I wear my aligns every single day, and these are amazing. I am 5′ 5″ and ordered the 25″ option.
  • Tissue box covers – I bought a handful of these and absolutely love them. I put them over every tissue box in our house (bathrooms, living room, etc.) They really make the tissues blend in with the decor and they’re so affordable.
  • I made this egg salad after craving it for a long time – it’s so good.


Here are some more snapshots of our life in February!

Since K loved the tea set I got her for Christmas so much, I decided to take her on a date for afternoon tea. You know, a real life tea party.

She was just a little young for the experience (with lots of new foods, etc.) but we had a great time still. Afterwords she asked me if we could go somewhere else. I asked her where she wanted to go and her answer was, “Chick-Fil-A!” hahaha!

Just another pic of this cutie on her birthday.

The kids got to ski with friends this month. Gabe was in heaven skiing with his best friend.

Gabe finished his school early on a Friday, and he’s grown a ton so I took him clothes shopping before his scheduled haircut appointment. In the car ride on the way to the store he looked at me, touched my arm and said, “I love you mom, thanks for taking me out.”

He is truly such a special little guy and I feel so blessed to be his mom. I loved seeing what he chose at the store and listening to his feedback on clothes he liked and didn’t like.

I’m so grateful God brought these friends into my life. We try to go out to dinner once a month together. This month we went to my favorite Utah restaurant – Communal. The food was just as excellent as it has always been.

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  1. Hey Laura! Where do I fill out the forms? Miss the family moments, laying here with my new baby snd thought I’d catch up on them, have been so busy on the farm before the birth!