Moments 03.2022

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This month we enjoyed the warmer weather, went on lots of walks and the kids accomplished a huge goal in homeschool!

“I can’t remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass.”

Welcome to “Moments” here on JoyFoodSunshine. At the end of every month I share a recap of our family’s favorite moments!  Here’s a snapshot of our life from March 2022!

Life lately

This month we were very grateful for some warmer weather. Especially because we battled a couple sicknesses that knocked us out for almost half the month. When you have a big family, illnesses tend to linger and it’s hard to know when we can re-enter society. We had a stomach bug, and at the same time a respiratory virus that also included some vomiting in some of the kids. So we were down an out for quite a bit.

However, despite most of our month looking like sweet N in front of the fire, we did still have some bright spots!

Baby Z!

Z is now 14 months old. He went from only crawling to mostly walking this month. I will definitely miss having a little crawling baby in our life. However, he is just the cutest little walker and I can’t get enough of watching him strut his stuff around the house!

He it just the sweetest little goofball. He makes this silly face to make us all laugh – and alway succeeds.

This was the month of goodbyes to some of my most cherished baby moments. First crawling, then naps during church. Z dropped his morning nap and so as that went on he stopped falling asleep on me like this (below) during the service.

I got two weeks out of him this month and that was it. He’s ready to be awake more and play! I will miss our snuggles, and I’m not quite ready to put him in the nursery (maybe after cold and flu season is over – haha). I will miss kissing his sweet little cheeks and lips and being with him during the service.

We still get our fair share of snuggles during nap and night time though, so let’s hope they last a little longer.

Z isn’t really saying much still. He says “uh oh” all the time, and I taught him to say “heyyyy!” It’s more of just a sound but if you’re in our family you know what it means! 😉 He also is saying “Ma Ma” a lot and I’d like to think he knows what it means.

Memory Master

Bethany and Gabe accomplished a huge goal in terms of homeschooling. They successfully became CC Memory Masters. In our co-op, we have 24 weeks of memory work across the following subjects: Math, Latin, Geography, History, Timeline, English and Science. They memorized every single week and every single subject.

They have been asking me to work towards this goal since we started 6 years ago, but I just didn’t have it in me to help them with it. Well this year they worked hard and it paid off. If you understand Classical Conversations, you know this is a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of them.

Essential Oils

I replaced many of my cleaning products with this all-purpose Thieves Cleaner and this thieves cleaning paste (recipe just posted this month). Plus I shared some information on the toxins in conventional cleaning products. I’m working on getting so much more oils content onto the website, but this month has been rough and I’ve barely sat at my computer long enough to just maintain normal business operations let alone working on those posts – but it’s coming!

 If you want to purchase oils please sign up using this link: Young Living Essential Oils and enter my number #31270904.

Things I’m Loving


Here are some recipes we made in March.


If I could write a song to summarize this month it would be “ode to a puke bowl.” haha. Poor sweet K.

Z adores Bethany so much. This is one of my favorite photos of all time.

Love our CC community and the people we get to do life with.

Keilah entertaining herself during homeschool. Also, this was hours before she starting throwing up and our entire house went into a 2-week long haze.

Mara went on a date with Ritch!

Naomi lost more teeth!

One of the Sundays we actually made it to church!

Z snuggles.

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  1. It was a blessing to read your blog and see these great pictures of your family. It warmed my heart. True, these moments don’t last forever. I’m glad you are slowing down to capture these moments. I’m a veteran homeschooler. My last is 13. It is a beautiful adventure you are on. You are blessed.

    1. Thank you Kim! Please share any wisdom you have! I wish I had more “veteran” homeschooling moms in my life!

  2. HI Laura! I am so thrilled to hear from your march moments! It is devastating to hear that the family has been sick for most of the month. 🙁 Good luck in April, I hope its a better month!