Vitamix Food Processor Review

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An honest and thorough review of the Vitamix Food Processor attachment from an experienced Vitamix owner! Watch the video to learn all about the Vitamix Food Processor, and what I think are the pros and cons of owning this Vitamix accessory! 

Woman holding vitamix food processor attachment

Ever since I first started working with Vitamix almost 5 years ago, I asked my Vitamix friends if they had any plans to create a Vitamix food processor. I have never, ever been happy with a processor I’ve purchased, and I really wanted to see what Vitamix could come up with. 

So, this year when I was informed that a Vitamix food processor was on the release list I about flipped. The day it came in the mail felt like 100 Christmas mornings combined. I’ve been using it in my kitchen for almost two months now, and I’m going to share an honest review of the product with all of you! So let’s jump in to my Vitamix food processor review!

Vitamix food processor and accessories on a countertop

Vitamix Food Processor – Cost

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced this Vitamix Food Processor attachment is – $199.95 (USD)! Since most food processors cost a similar amount, I think it’s a very fair price for such a great tool! 




The Vitamix Food Processor is compatible with the smart blenders with self-detect technology – Ascent and Venturist models. It is not compatible with Explorian or legacy series blenders. Here is a list of blenders that can be used with the Vitamix food processor: 

If you’re looking to upgrade to an Ascent model, I highly recommend it (check out this Vitamix Buying Guide to see why), also don’t forget you can save a lot of money buying a Reconditioned Ascent Blender. 

front photo of the Vitamix Food Processor

Vitamix Food Processor Parts

Now let’s chat about all the parts and pieces of this Vitamix food processor.

Snap-On Lid

I appreciate how intuitive it is to figure out the direction the lid is supposed to be snapped onto the work bowl. I know this seems silly, but my previous food processors was not at all intuitive. When I first got it (after I broke an older one) and I tried to put it all together I literally called the company because I thought I received a defective product (no I’m not joking). So I love that it is very clear which direction this lid goes on. 

CON: My only negative about this whole thing is that the lid doesn’t just “snap on” or off for that matter, very easily. You need to push it down and pry it off pretty hard. I am hoping that after more use it loosens up a bit, but it’s not easy to make sure the lid is secure or to remove it without significant effort (in my experience).

12-Cup Work Bowl

I’m used to a 14-cup food processor, so I was a little nervous that any Vitamix food processor would be too small (to fit on the base). So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it has a 12-cup capacity! I never filled my processor to the brim, so 12-cups has been a perfect size!  

I appreciate the measurement marks on the side of the container as well as the ease at which it attaches to the base. 

Vitamix food processor

Self-Detect Base 

I cannot sing the praises of the Vitamix SELF-DETECT technology enough. It saves me more often than I care to admit, as I’m usually busy in the kitchen surrounded by kids and sometimes pull the container off the machine as it’s moving. With SELF-DETECT the machine stops instantly when it detects there is no container there.

I’m grateful the Vitamix food processor has that technology. I’ve always been hesitant to let my young kids use a food processor, but with this technology I feel that there is an extra level of safety that makes me feel comfortable with them learning a new skill in the kitchen. 

Gear speed control

You might be wondering how in the world a Vitamix can be used as a food processor, well it’s because the gears are designed in a way that slows the spin action down significantly (we guesstimate it’s about 7x slower)!

Something important to note is that because of the technology built into this Vitamix food processor it only spins at one speed. Even if you turn the knob from 1-10, the speed of the discs/blade will not change. 

Self-detect base of the Vitamix Food processor

Work Bowl Release 

If you’re processing many things at once, the work bowl release is a great feature that allows you to remove the work bowl without removing the base. This is great because if you need to wash the bowl in between processing different ingredients, you can do it easily! It also allows you to put the container in the dishwasher without the base for easy cleaning. 

up close photo of the work bowl release button the Vitamix food processor attachment

Multi-Use Blade

The multi-use blade is great for making lots of recipes. Energy balls, pie crust, apple galette, avocado pasta sauce, homemade peanut butter, etc. My only caution is to be careful when removing it and cleaning it because it is very sharp! 

Overhead view of the Vitamix food processor with the multi-use blade attached and the other discs around it

Small Shred/Thin Slice Disc

If you want paper thin slices or small shreds then grab this disc. Place the side you want to use face-up and go to town.  

overhead photo of the thin slice disc for the Vitamix food processor

I used the thin slice disc to slice apples to make an Apple Galette. 

I use the small shred to shred cheese to use to make homemade mac and cheese, because a smaller shred melts faster!

overhead view of the small shred disc for the Vitamix food processor

Large Shred/Thick Slice Dish

If you want thicker slices or larger shreds then grab disc 4/5. Place the side you want to use face-up and shred or slice your heart out. 

overhead view of the Vitamix food processor thick slice disc

I used the large slice (NOT shred) to slice Brussels sprouts for a salad. This is also the disc I choose to slice veggies to snack on like cucumbers.

overhead photo of brussels sprouts shred in the Vitamix food processor

overhead photo fo the large shred disc for the Vitamix food processor

And I used the large shred to shred apples for the same salad! 

apples shred with the large shred disc in a Vitamix food processor

Small Food Pusher/Chute

I usually opt to use the small food chute/pusher because it is what I’m most comfortable with. I find many foods fit nicely inside the small chute! 

Brussels sprouts in the small food chute of a Vitamix food processor

Large Food Pusher/Chute

I don’t use this often, but it works well! The only thing to note here is that there have been times that the food pusher wasn’t touching the lid and the machine would not start because it tripped the self-detect, which I found a little annoying and just switched to the small cute instead. 

front view of a block of cheese in the large food cute of a Vitamix Food Processor

Vitamix Food Processor – Storage 

One of the things I really love and appreciate about the Vitamix food processor is that it all comes together for easy and compact storage. Since it was designed to have two discs that serve four functions, there are less pieces than a traditional processor. I used to have to store my food processor alongside a box of it’s accessories. That is NOT the case with this Vitamix food processor.

See the photo below, everything comes together and stores beautifully. 

front view showing how to store the Vitamix food processor

Vitamix food processor: PROS

Ok, so what do I love about this Vitamix food processor?

It’s a Vitamix accessory

I love that this food processor can be used on my Vitamix base! I get all the quality and power of my blender but used to process, slice, and shred! No need for two separate appliances because I can just use my Vitamix, and I personally think it’s a must-own Vitamix accessory.

Easy to store

The compact storage of this Vitamix food processor is awesome. With my old processor I had to store all the many accessories in a separate bin and it took up so much space. I love that this is streamlined for easy storage. 

Easy to clean

The fact that this comes apart easily and can be washed in the dishwasher is great. So easy to clean!

It’s a higher quality Food processor

I use a food processor regularly in my kitchen, so I love that this Vitamix food processor is a better version of a kitchen appliance staple. It gives my Vitamix so much more functionality!


There is a 3-year warranty on the bowl, base, lid, and plunger and a 1-year warranty on blade and discs. Zero of the other food processors I have bought had a warranty that didn’t cost significantly extra. As always, Vitamix stands by it’s products!  

overhead view of zucchini sliced and shredded 4 ways with the Vitamix food processor

Vitamix food processor: CONS

There are two things that I think could be improved on this Vitamix food processor:

Tight Lid

The lid is very tight and difficult to remove and attach. I’m hopeful that it will loosen up over time as I use it more. But it’s not easy to get on and off! I understand this is likely because it has to fit securely to avoid safety issues, but it is still a little bothersome! 

Touchy Self-Detect

The self-detect is a little touchy. I find sometimes I have to remove the entire food processor, turn off my machine and start over for it to be able to recognize it and turn on! Especially when using the large food pusher and chute. 

overhead view of cheese sliced and shredded 4 ways with the Vitamix food processor

So, would I buy it? 

Yes. If my friends at Vitamix hadn’t sent me this food processor I am 1000% certain I would’ve purchased one myself. I have never owned a processor I loved, until now. It will absolutely replace my previous processor and I will use it all the time!

Price – $199.95 (USD)

And honestly, the price is right. This is about what you would pay for a food processor anyway! So it would not be a difficult decision for me if I was choosing between this Vitamix food processor or another processor! 

woman smiling near the Vitamix food processor

Recipes to make with this Vitamix Food Processor: 



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  1. I am greatly disappointed that Vitamix only made the food processor attachment work on the Ascent and Venturist motor bases. One of the greatest appeals of Vitamix blenders is their longevity. Yet Vitamix chose to only make the food processor attachment work with its newest blender models. They show little value for their customers in this marketing decision and devalue their blenders longevity by making new attachments only work with new blender models. They have sold out their loyal longterm customers by this action. Their price no longer is justified as they outdate their blenders longevity with each new attachment. The food processor functions good, but Vitamix could produce a model compatible with older blender models. The longevity and durability of a Vitamix blender no longer justifies the cost as they make older models obsolete with new attachments. It’s pure greed and short term vision with customer devaluation. I’m disappointed to see another previously good company sellout its customers. Loyalty is a two way street. What a disappointment. Your review was good. Thank you for an honest review, but understand the thousands of Vitamix customers owning non-Ascent and Venturist motor bases were greatly disappointed in how Vitamix devalued them in choosing to make the long awaited food processor attachment not compatible to their Vitamix models.

    1. Hey Mr. Matt, I actually agree with you here on this. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to update my review for a while. My food processor stopped working after 2 months of use. My Ascent machine doesn’t recognize it anymore. I need to update this post, as I no longer recommend this product.

  2. Thank you for such a detailed review! Is there an option to pulse a mixture with the S blade to roughly chop, or would you just have to start and then stop it quickly?