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Raw Chocolate Silk Pie

“This is dairy-free?!” Is typically what someone exclaims after tasting a bite of this Raw Chocolate Silk Pie. Absolutely it is! Dairy-free, gluten-free, raw, and vegan-friendly…truly a dessert fit for all your dietary needs! Plus it’s easy!  If you haven’t noticed, I use my food processor a lot. It’s dirty and well loved. But this is real life people. I don’t have time to polish my tools every time I use them. So a chocolate-stained S-blade is what you get.  Since dinner isn’t complete without dessert (stating the obvious), we eat it every night. It’s not always elaborate, but I try to...

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Cashew Coconut Energy Bites

My last pregnancy changed my taste buds forever. There are many foods I once enjoyed that I no longer do (more on that later)….but much more noteworthy are the foods that I used to feel nothing about that are now the center of my world.  One example is Chinese takeout. My husband and I went eight (YES 8) years without ever ordering takeout. That all changed in the first trimester of my most recent pregnancy. I was sick, and every food on the planet sounded disgusting to me….every food that is, except Chinese. We try to live frugally so I never entertained...

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