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Kitchen gifts for any occasion! See our list of useful kitchen gift ideas, including must have kitchen gadgets, tools, serving pieces and more! So many hostess gift ideas perfect for the entertainer, chef or foodie in your life!

collage of  theBest Kitchen Gifts

Post Updated November 2023! 

It can be so hard to find the perfect gift for friends, family, coworkers etc. In my experience, you really can’t go wrong when you choose kitchen gifts they can use every day!

So, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of all the things I love in my kitchen, and what I’d recommend as kitchen gifts for the chef in your life.

Going to a party and know the hostess loves entertaining? I have kitchen gift ideas for you! Want to get your wife something to say thank you for cooking meals for your family every day? I’ve got you covered!

Useful Kitchen Gadgets and Gifts

Something to note: I am extremely practical when it comes to gift giving and receiving. I do not like owning items (unless they are very special, sentimental or sparkly) that I do not use. And I do not like giving gifts to people that will just be put in storage.

So these items are special, but useful. Kitchen Gifts anyone would love to receive!

The Best Kitchen Gifts for Anyone!

We’ll start with everyday items and kitchen gadgets that someone may not think they need, but once they have them will use them every day!

Then we’ll move on to bigger items and from there, on to smaller gifts {think hostess gifts}! So here we go!

Everyday Useful Kitchen Gifts

Here is a list of kitchen gifts that will quickly become “how did I ever live without it” items!

useful kitchen gifts

8-Cup Glass Batter Bowl. 

Your loved one will use this batter bowl multiple times every single day! I never knew how handy it was until I had one. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe so it’s great for recipes where melting ingredients is required.The lid is an amazing feature making it great for overnight recipes! I often mix up pancake or waffle batter at night and store it in this batter bowl to cook in the morning! I mix up so many recipes in this I often wish I had a second one!  Buy on Amazon: 8-Cup Glass Batter Bowl

Front view of a glass batter bowl, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Marble Rolling Pin.

I have had this marble rolling pin for 12 years and use it all the time to make homemade pizzas, pie crusts, cinnamon rolls, etc. etc.! The weight of it is just perfect for rolling out all sorts of doughs. Plus it’s so easy to clean! Buy on Amazon: Marble Rolling Pin 

Front view of a marble rolling pin, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Walnut Cutting Board.

Nothing makes me go weak in the knees quite like walnut. It’s the prettiest wood (in my opinion) and extremely durable. This walnut cutting board doubles as a functional cutting board or beautiful serving piece! Buy on Amazon: Walnut Cutting Board

Front view of a walnut cutting board, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Canister Sets.

Having baking staples easily accessible in cute canisters on the counter is so helpful when it comes to the day-to-day in the kitchen! It’s also a purchase that many people wouldn’t make themselves because they think “do I really need it?” I can tell you that being able to just grab a scoop of oatmeal without rummaging through the pantry is totally awesome. Buy on Amazon: Wood-Top Canister Set 

French Press

There is no better way to make a fabulous cup of coffee than with a French Press. I have had this for years and will never make coffee any other way! This is a perfect gift for the coffee-lover in your life! Amazon Link: Bodum 8-Cup French Press

Front view of a bodum French Press, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Electric kettle

An Electric kettle is the perfect kitchen gift! I use mine to boil water to make coffee every morning (in the above French Press). It also comes in handy when used to boil water on the stove in a hurry {like when you make a box of mac and cheese for your kids or cook pasta}! It cuts the boiling time in half! Buy on Amazon: Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Front view of a glass electric tea kettle, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Oven Mitts

New oven mitts are gifts that someone could just go buy on their own, but they often forget to do it or just don’t want to spend money on new oven mitts!  Buy on Amazon: Black Oven Mitts

black oven mitts

Kitchen Towels.

Replacing old, worn out, and frankly pretty gross kitchen towels is something that we all talk about doing but have a hard time bitting the bullet and buying/purging. It’s hard to spend money on something like towels when the old ones “still do the job!” So pick out some cute, neutral dish towels and give them to a friend! Try to stick to neutral colors (not holiday or bold statements) so they can work in their kitchen all year round! Buy on Amazon: Kitchen towels 

Front view of two gray kitchen towels, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

The BEST Spatula:

Every kitchen needs a great spatula! I have this one and use it for everything! The red color makes it great for mixing orange/red colored foods (like homemade pizza sauce) because it doesn’t stain! Buy on Amazon: Chef’n Switch It Spatula

Front view of a red spatula, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Wooden Utensils

Again I’m all about the walnut! This set is gorgeous and so versatile! Great for serving, mixing, and displaying on the counter in a cute utensil holder (see below) Buy on Amazon: Walnut Wooden Utensils

Utensil Holder

Having a visually pleasing way to display your most frequently used kitchen utensils is so great. No rummaging through the utensil drawer required! Buy on Amazon: Marble Utensil Holder

Front view of a marble utensil holder, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Non-Stick Frying Pan.

This All-clad nonstick pan is large enough to cook for a crowd but stores well. I use it multiple times every day. Your loved one will use them to cook just about everything. They’re the perfect gift for the beginner or advanced cook in your life, and will get daily use in any kitchen! Buy on Amazon: All Clad Nonstick Fry Pan

non stick fry pan

Useful & Special Kitchen Gifts for Chefs

Here are some gift ideas for the  chef in your life! Someone who enjoys the art of cooking and truly appreciates built-to-last kitchen appliances and tools.

collage of kitchen gifts for chefs

Vitamix Blender  

If you don’t have a Vitamix yet what in the world are you waiting for?! For real if I haven’t convinced you how much you need one at this point then I have failed you! If you have any questions about which blender is best for you please check out this post: Guide to buying a Vitamix! I have blended with my fair share of their models and and would love to help you find the perfect blender! Buy on Amazon: Vitamix A3500

Front view of a Vitamix Blender, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Ice Cream Maker

This is one of those items that I couldn’t live without and yet probably wouldn’t have bought for myself. Absolutely nothing beats homemade ice cream. It’s fresh and fully customizable (i.e. you can put as many peanut butter or cookie dough chunks in it as you wish)! This is an especially awesome gift if you are shopping for someone with food allergies who can’t eat dairy! You will save so much money in the long run making your own dairy-free ice cream at home! Amazon Link: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Front view of an ice cream maker, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Food processor.

A food processor is a workhorse in the kitchen, and a kitchen gift every busy cook should have! Need to shred 5 lbs of cheese? No problem! Dice a a lot of veggies? Easy. It’s the only way I will make pie crusts because it’s so so easy! Buy on Amazon: KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor

KitchenAid Mixer.

Every baker needs a heavy duty standing mixer, and nothing compares to KitchenAid! I couldn’t imagine baking cookies, whipping cream, etc. without one of these beauties! Buy on Amazon: KitchenAid 5-Quart Standing Mixer

Front view of a kitchenaid mixer, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Dutch Oven

A dutch oven is a versatile piece of cookware that every chef should own. I adore this particular 2.75 Quart Dutch Oven from Le Creuset. It’s perfect for cooking just about anything (including this no-knead bread) and is so beautiful you can serve food directly out of it to guests! Buy on Amazon: 2.75 quart Dutch Oven 

Front view of a dutch oven, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)


This is, by far, the best food thermometer on the market. It’s fast, accurate, and easy to clean. I have had mine for 12 years and it is still going strong, I haven’t even had to change the battery. I couldn’t imagine grilling or making candy without my Thermapen! Buy on Amazon: Thermapen

Front view of a thermapen, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Food Scale

A food scale is the best tool for someone who loves to bake. I use it to make sure my dinner rolls, double pie crusts, cinnamon rolls, etc. are all even in size! Buy on Amazon: Food Scale 

Hostess Gifts For the Entertainer

Whether you’re trying to fill your wife’s stocking or get a gift for a friend whose hosting a Christmas party, here are some great, less-expensive kitchen gift ideas for you!

You really can’t go wrong when choosing high-quality grocery items or useful but elegant kitchen items!

hostess gift ideas

Glass Serving Bowl 

This glass serving bowl with a wooden lid is perfect for entertaining! It looks beautiful and it is practical! Buy on Amazon (different than pictured): Glass bowl with a wood lid

Front view of a glass bowl with a wooden lid, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Wooden Salad Bowl

An entertainer knows that every party needs a great salad! And every great salad deserves to be served in a beautiful bowlBuy on Amazon: Wood Serving Bowl

Front view of a wooden salad bowl, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Salad Server

Salads are important, and so is their presentation! Buy this set on AmazonWooden Salad Serving Set 

Serving Tray

Serving trays make a perfect gift for the hostess with the mostest to display beautiful treats, serve drinks & appetizers, etc.  Buy on Amazon: Wood serving tray

Cheese Servers & Cheese Board

Who can resist a fancy platter of cheese, fruit and meats? If you love entertaining than a great cheese board and set of cheese servers is a must! If you prefer one with a cover, I recommend this marble cheese dome! Buy on Amazon: Cheese Serving Set and Marble Cheese Dome

cheese serving set


Tiered Serving Tray

If you have a friend who loves to create an amazing spread, but is short on counter space, tiered serving trays are a great gift! Stack that food to the sky so space is no longer an issue! I love this french marble tiered serving tray, and this one too!  Buy on Amazon: Tiered Serving tray

tiered serving tray

Wine Glasses

Beautiful wine glasses are a wonderful gift for just about anyone! Pair them with your favorite bottle of wine and you’ll make anyone’s holiday a little merrier! Buy on Amazon: tour wine glass

tour wine glass


Who can resist a super cute and cozy mug? No one that I know that’s for sure! Fill it with some coffee, chocolates, etc. for an extra special touch! I love this mug, and this pottery mug.

Mugs on Amazon: Love this mug! and This one

Best Kitchen Gifts - mugs

Measuring Spoons!

Our oldest has been helping in the kitchen a little more lately, and some of my measuring spoons have had the measurement wear off. Since she doesn’t know the difference between 1 tsp and 1 TBS, we realized we need to  buy measuring utensils that have the measurement etched into the metal to avoid this problem! I also love these because each spoon is a solid piece of metal, so it is next to impossible to break them!  Buy on Amazon: Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

measuring spoons

Measuring Cups! 

These measuring cups are heavy duty and great to work with. Perfect for the baker in your life! Plus, packaging these with your favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe is a super cute gift idea! Buy on Amazon: Metal Measuring Cups 

Front view of a set of metal measuring cups, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Hand Soap & Lotion Set

This is a great gift for a friend who loves to entertain! Especially if she has a large kitchen island that is a central part of the first floor living and gathering space. This set looks cute, smells great AND is a functional countertop item! Or you could buy the containers and soap to fill them. Buy on Amazon: Hand Soap & Lotion

Best Kitchen Gifts hand soap

Wooden Serving Board

A must-have for the entertainer. Cheese plates and fruit platters really shine when served on a beautiful wooden board! Buy on Amazon: Wood Serving Board

Front view of a large round wood serving board, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Cake stand

Another great serving piece for cakes, pies, cupcakes, etc. This marble and wood combination is a stunner and matches any kitchen or setting! I also love the marble and gold combination! Buy on Amazon: Marble & Gold Cake Stand

white marble and gold cake stand

Le Creuset 5″ Baking Pan.

This is an absolute must-have for me. I love mine so much because I use it to make small-batch desserts (like these Fudgy Paleo Brownies). It’s also cuter than a loaf pan so it’s fun to take pictures of {if you care about that sort of thing…}! Buy on amazon: Le Creuset 5″ Baking Dish

Front view of a small baking dish, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Pizza Scissors

We make homemade pizza every Sunday night (with these homemade pizza dough and pizza sauce recipes)! My sister gave us these Pizza Scissors as a gift and we use them all the time. They make cutting up pizza (and many other food items) SO easy! Buy on Amazon: Pizza Scissors

Edible Kitchen Gifts


What woman, chef, or person for that matter doesn’t love receiving some high-quality chocolate? Buy some of my favorites on Amazon: Tony’s Chocolate,  Green and Black Chocolate, Alter Eco chocolate bars, alter eco truffles.

Best Kitchen Gifts chocolate truffles


A nice bag of high-quality coffee beans is a great smelling & even better tasting gift! Buy on Amazon: Alpha Coffee Charlie Don’t Surf

High-Quality Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil.

Better than receiving a bottle of wine (especially if you don’t drink like us)! There is absolutely ZERO comparison when it comes to thick, sweet high-quality balsamic vinegars. However, I never would’ve splurged on a bottle of the stuff if my husband hadn’t first given me some for Christmas. My first bottle of delicious balsamic vinegar totally changed my life forever. Help be the change in your foodie friend’s life too. Buy on Amazon: Aged Balsamic Vinegar  & Extra-Virgin Garlic Olive Oil 

Front view of gift set of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, part of the list of Best Kitchen Gifts (for the Hostess, Chef or Foodie)

Well that’s it! I’d love To hear what your favorite kitchen item is! What’s not on this list that needs to be?!

If you make and love our recipes, it would mean so much to me if you would leave a comment and rating! And don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube – be sure to tag @joyfoodsunshine and use the hashtag #joyfoodsunshine so we can see your creations!

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