Vitamix Stainless Steel Container – Review + Video

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An honest and thorough review of the 48 ounce Vitamix Stainless Steel Container from an experienced Vitamix owner! Watch the video to learn all about the Vitamix Stainless steel Container, and what I think are the pros and cons of owning this Vitamix accessory! 

front view of woman holding Vitamix stainless steel container

My friends at Vitamix sent me this new product – the 48 oz stainless steel container – to test out and review. This post is not sponsored, and as always, all opinions are completely my own! 

You all know that I am fiercely loyal to my Vitamix blender. It’s my best friend in the kitchen and I use it multiple times every day. I have been blending with Vitamix for over a decade now – long before I started this website and began a wonderful working relationship with the Vitamix team. 

Because I have worked with Vitamix for 4+ years now, I own or have owned the majority of the blender models and accessories they sell. Ritch and I put together this comprehensive Vitamix buying guide explaining our favorite blenders and why we chose Vitamix 10 years ago. 

But today, I want to talk about a long-awaited new Vitamix accessory just released by Vitamix – a 48 oz Stainless Steel Blending Container (Just released, $199.95). My friends at Vitamix sent it to me weeks before it’s release, so I’ve had time to get to know the ins and outs of blending with it on many different machines to give you the 411!


Vitamix Stainless Steel Container on an A3500 blender

Vitamix Stainless Steel Blending Container – Review

So here we go. Let’s start with some important information about the 48 oz blending container. I’ll chat about the features of the container and the positives of those features. Then we’ll move onto some things to keep in mind (or cons) when buying this container and then my recommendation! 

Compatible with ALL full-size Vitamix blenders

Before you even consider buying this container you need to know if it is compatible with your machine! Thankfully, the 48 oz stainless steel container is compatible with ALL full-size Vitamix blenders, including classic and smart system blenders, which Is great news for all Vitamix owners!

If you have a classic blender, then you know that many newer accessories with Smart Detect technology are not compatible with those models. Well this stainless steel blending container has Smart Detect technology and works beautifully with classic blending systems! 

Vitamix Stainless Steel Container on the Vitamix Explorian Blender

3 year full warranty

As always, Vitamix stands behinds it’s products. This Vitamix Stainless Steel Container has a full warranty for three years! 

Handles a wide range of temperatures

One of the best features of the stainless steel container is that it can handle really cold and really hot temperatures really well. My smoothie stayed super cold (I actually had to add a touch more liquid than usual because of how cold the ingredients remained during blending) while soups can get piping hot! Just remember to use oven mitts to handle the container if you blend a hot recipe. 


This could be a pro and a con, but for me it’s definitely a pro! Most blenders come with a 64 oz blending container. I’m very glad to have a smaller, 48 oz, container that is compatible with my Ascent machine. When making smaller batch recipes like basil pesto, homemade peanut butter or almond butter or homemade fruit snacks, having a smaller container makes blending so much easier! 

Durable &  non reactive

It Is built really well, very hearty and durable. It’s heavier than the classic bending containers, but not too heavy to handle comfortably.

Easy to clean/dishwasher-safe container and lid

 It’s incredibly easy to clean and both the lid and the container are dish-washer safe!

Handle view of the Vitamix Stainless Steel Container

Odor and stain resistant

If you’ve owned a classic blending container for a few years you know they can become cloudy if not cleaned properly or often enough. It can also get slightly stained when blending warm colored foods like carrots.

Well this stainless container is odor and stain resistant, so we can say goodbye to cloudy  discolored containers once and for all. Here is a humility-inducing photo of my current, well-used and not very well-cleaned classic blending container. As you can see it’s cloudy and dirty. Time for a bath!

Vitamix Stainless Steel Container with Dirty Vitamix Plastic Container

Clear, BPA free lid

At first I wondered why there wasn’t a stainless lid as well. But after blending with this container a few times I realized that since the container itself is opaque, the clear lid is key to being able to see the progress of your blend. 

overhead photo of the Vitamix Stainless Steel container


There were a few features of the stainless steel blending container that are worth noting if you’re seriously considering purchasing one. 

Opaque Container

If you have been blending with Vitamix for a long time and are used to being able to see the progress of your blends through the clear container, this will likely be an adjustment for you as it was for me. It’s something that is easily overcome, but definitely took me a few uses to get used to. 

Sharp bottom edges

The only feature that was a tad bit concerning to me was that the bottom edges were a little sharp. Like, I wouldn’t want to slide it along my skin (not sure why I would do that in the first place…haha)! My husband remarked on this many times, it was a bigger deal to him than it was to me, probably because I can’t remember ever spending a lot of time touching the bottom of my blending containers! 😉 


This container is very comprable in price to the other Vitamix blending containers, coming in at $199.5. For some, if you purchase a budget Vitamix around $250 the container is almost as much as the blender + original container. So the price is definitely something to consider. 

front view of the Vitamix stainless steel container on the Vitamix 5300 blender

Compared to other Containers

Just because I think it’s helpful, I’m going to show you how this 48 oz stainless steel container compares to the other standard containers. 

Internal Measurement Markings

This is just an important feature to note. The clear blending containers have measurement marks on the outside, since they are transparent. The stainless container has the marks on the inside. They are not etched into the metal, which makes me a little nervous about them wearing off after significant use, so if I notice that I will report back here. But so far they have held up beautifully!

View of the inside of the Vitamix stainless steel blending container & measurement marks

64-ounce Low-Profile Container 

The obvious difference here is the size. The 48 oz container is smaller than the low-profile 64 oz containers that come with many machines (like the Ascent series, 780, E320, etc.). 

The base is also more narrow in the 48 oz stainless steel container, which makes it easier to blend small batch recipes! 

The stainless container does have self-detect technology, which the classic low-profile container (not pictured here), does not. 

comparison of vitamix stainless steel blending container and low profile self-detect container

48-ounce Container

These two containers are very comparable in both size and function. I do prefer the clear top on the stainless container because it snaps on with a “click!” 

Vitamix stainless steel container next to 48 oz Vitamix container


Pictured below are the Low Profile Tamper (comes with low-profile containers), the S2 Low profile Tamper (comes with Stainless Container) and the Mini Tamper (come with 48 oz container). As you can see, the two low profile tampers are about the same size, and vary only slightly in their shape. They can both be used in the stainless container with no issue. 

overhead view of 3 different Vitamix tampers

My recommendation

Ok, now onto what I really think about the Vitamix Stainless Steel Container! I personally blend with the Ascent 3500 every day and am a serious Vitamix owner! I make many, many recipes in my Vitamix and legitimately don’t think I could live without it in my kitchen. 

The reason I say all this so you know where I am coming from when I give my recommendation. I am not a casual Vitamix blender, I use it all the time

I would buy it. 

If I wasn’t sent this Stainless Steel Container by my friends at Vitamix it would probably go on my birthday or Christmas list this year. It has enough unique features and benefits that it has earned a prominent place in my Vitamix blending regimen. The main reasons I would choose to purchase this is: 

  • I value having multiple blending containers. I often blend multiple components of a recipe or meal back-to-back, so having an extra container (or in my case, multiple extra containers) is helpful and convenient. 
  • Size. Until now I did not have a smaller container compatible with my Ascent machine. If I needed to blend a smaller batch recipe I would pull out my Explorian E-310 blender with the 48 oz container. Now that I have this 48 oz stainless steel container I can blend small batch recipes with my Ascent – and I love that. 
  • Temperature capability. I often make very cold recipes (like smoothies) and very warm recipes (like soups and hot chocolate) in my Vitamix. I have tried both warm and cold recipes in the stainless steel container and it’s amazing how cold and how warm recipes can get!

It won’t replace my 64 oz container. 

Even though I use it quite often, this stainless steel container hasn’t replaced my 64 oz low profile container. Because we have a large family, I often blend large batches of recipes in my Vitamix. So the 64 oz container is still my go-to when I’m whipping up something yummy. 

Woman holding the Vitamix stainless steel container

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  1. Ma’am, in all due respect, I don’t know how long you’ve been using a Vitamix, but mine is a couple of decades old. While I cannot say it’s “stainless steel”, it’s metal. I’m actually trying to find a replacement snap-on plastic lid for it – or anything compatible (yes, metal container but plastic lid). The point is that it’s kind of funny that these guys used to put out a very high quality product to justify their ridiculously high prices. Then they go to lower quality plastic, keep the ridiculously high prices. Suddenly, when they make a high quality replacement container available, everybody is impressed. They’re just making what they took away from us available again.

  2. I’m about to buy a V1200 that comes with a 64 oz container. I want a 48 oz and sold on the stainless steel version but thinking of buying the wet plastic 48 oz as well. Aside all the physical benefits of stainless, is there anything the plastic container can prepare better or be better suited for making whatever you plan on blending?