Best Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to sneak some fruit, veggies and protein into your day! Here’s a list of our favorite easy & healthy smoothie recipes that are nutritious and tasty, plus my tips on making the best smoothies!

Best Smoothie Recipes - glass of blueberry smoothie

I drink a smoothie every day, and have for over a decade! So I decided to create a post with all my favorite healthy smoothie recipes in one place.

All of our smoothie recipes are easy to make (in less than 5 minutes), nutritious and kid-approved.

I love making healthy smoothie recipes to sneak some fruits, veggies and protein into our daily lives in a way my kids absolutely love. Click on the links, buttons or photos to take you to the recipes!

Also, check out this guide that will teach you “How to Make A Smoothie!”

Healthy Smoothie Recipes collage of recipe photos

Best Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Here are all of our favorite healthy smoothie recipes! Which one will you make first? Use this section to jump directly to the section you’d like to peruse first!

Green Smoothie Recipes

Green smoothies are healthy and nutritions. My kids and I have them for breakfast most mornings. Here are our favorite green smoothie recipes.

Best Smoothie Recipes - green smoothies

Classic Green Smoothie

The best green smoothie recipe is a simple, basic green smoothie that everyone loves.

Best Smoothie Recipes green smoothie

Spinach Smoothie

A delicious smoothie loaded with sweet fruit and baby spinach.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes spinach smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

I drink this almost every day for breakfast – and have for almost 15 years – and I’m not exaggerating.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes chocolate peanut butter green smoothie

Citrus Green Smoothie

This citrus green smoothie is perfect for the winter months. Use in-season citrus fruit to boost your Vitamin C intake.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes citrus smoothie

Blueberry Citrus Green Smoothie

Delicious and nutritious way to enjoy blueberries and boost your immune system

Healthy Smoothie Recipes blueberry green smoothie

Fruit Smoothie Recipes

You can add greens to any of these fruit smoothie recipes for added nutrition. Or you can just enjoy them these fruity, healthy smoothie recipes without greens. I like making these fruit smoothies for a delicious afternoon snack or as a healthy way to cool down in the summer months.

Best Smoothie Recipes - fruit smoothies

Blueberry Smoothie

You can use fresh or frozen blueberries depending on the time of year!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes blueberry smoothie

Raspberry Smoothie

Perfectly tart and sweet. I always use frozen raspberries to make smoothies. Or Freeze fresh summer berries that are on their last leg to use later!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes raspberry smoothie in two glasses

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

My all-time favorite fruit smoothie. Tastes just like the smoothies I got at the mall as a teenager – but made with nutritious ingredients.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes strawberry banana smoothie

Mango Smoothie

One sip will transport you to some beach, somewhere.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes mango smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie

This pineapple smoothie tastes like a piña colada but it’s so much healthier (and bonus, it’s kid-friendly).

Healthy Smoothie Recipes pineapple smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie

This berry smoothie is full of rich antioxidants from the berries.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes mixed berry smoothie

Banana Smoothie

A delicious way to use up frozen bananas taking up space in your freezer!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes banana smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie

This summertime smoothie is the perfect way to enjoy leftover watermelon from BBQs and parties!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes watermelon smoothie

Orange Smoothie

One of my kids’ favorite healthy smoothie recipes, it tastes like a creamsicle but made with nutritious ingredients.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes orange smoothie

Tropical Smoothie

This is another smoothie that gives major beach vacation vibes.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes tropical smoothie

Peach Smoothie

A perfect way to use the abundance of fresh summer peaches.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes peach smoothie

Cherry Smoothie

Use frozen cherries for the best texture!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes cherry smoothie

Vegetable Smoothies

I love sneaking veggies into our smoothies, here are a few smoothie recipes where veggies are the star of the show.

Beet & Pomegranate Smoothie

A serious nutritional powerhouse one of the best healthy smoothie recipes!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes pomegranate beet smoothie

Pumpkin Smoothie

A healthy way to satisfy your pumpkin spice cravings.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes pumpkin smoothie

Zucchini Smoothie

Too much zucchini in your garden? No problem! Make this zucchini smoothie that even your kids will enjoy!

Best Smoothie Recipes - zucchini smoothie

Avocado Smoothie

Irresistibly creamy and so hearty it will keep you full until lunch.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes avocado smoothie

Healthy “Treat” Smoothies

These smoothies taste indulgent but are really nutritious!

Peanut Butter Smoothie

This peanut butter banana smoothie tastes like a peanut butter milkshake but it’s good for you!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes peanut butter smoothie

Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

The name speaks for itself – hearty and delicious and sweetened with dates.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes green smoothie

Protein Smoothie

This tastes like a creamy fruity milkshake but is really loaded with protein!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes protein smoothie

Smoothie Bowls

When you’d prefer to eat your smoothie with a spoon and all the toppings – make a smoothie bowl!

How to make a smoothie bowl – with three flavor variations, you will love these smoothie bowl recipes.

Smoothie Bowls - Best Smoothie Recipes

Homemade Acai Bowl

Don’t spend too $12 for an acai bowl – make your own at home!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes acai bowl

Which will you make?

I hope you found this post helpful, and that you start working your way through making all of these delicious smoothie recipes.

 Comment below and let us know which recipes are your favorite!

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes collage

If you make and love our recipes, it would mean so much to me if you would leave a comment and rating! And don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube – be sure to tag @joyfoodsunshine and use the hashtag #joyfoodsunshine so we can see your creations!

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